Our Story

I am Lisa, an American who, after spending 7 years living and working in a small town in Connecticut, changed everything and moved to the South of France with my husband and 5 year old daughter to start a new life and a new business.   I aim to sell goods of simple beauty that have an everyday use, from home accessories and children’s gifts to kitchen accessories and sustainable apparel.  

In this shop you’ll find a mix of timeless, sustainable, functional products and colourful, playful finishing designs.I have carefully selected products that have made me smile, admiring products that are uncomplicated, designed to their simplest perfection.  

I hope you will enjoy the simplicity of the intention behind our shop and the products we've selected for you. . I'm just getting started, so while our catalog is small now,  it will grow steadily as we continue to find new products and artisans.I will carry little known artisans as well as established boutique brands so long as they stay true to our quality,  aesthetic and handcrafted standards. Some of them will be small batch products and have limited availability and others will be mainstays in our store.   Nothing on our site is produced on an industrial scale and most of products in the shop are made in Europe and the USA. We get a much greater satisfaction from the knowledge that these products have come from a variety of young designers, unknown artisans or  manufactures from Europe rather than all shipped from far away!

Celebrating the little ones

At Tiger and the Moon, we believe that simple is beautiful and a memorable childhood experience is built from moments of discovery and clothing - toys are a part of that journey.  We strive to source only from independent designers and brands from across the globe who share our small and ethical production core values.

Giving Back 

At Tiger & the Moon, we make giving back a priority. Thanks to our friends at One Tree Planted,areas impacted by deforestation will receive donations to help plant trees. For every order, we donate one dollar and every dollar plants one tree. Together we can make a difference.

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